Application of Blockchain in Cloud Computing In 2020

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Blockchain technology and cloud computing are separately revolutionizing the operations of many industries. Both the technologies are relatively new and often get misinterpreted due to their less exposure in the mainstream. The community of techies is gradually expanding so the scope of innovations and integration of different possibilities are taking place. One such combinations of Blockchain and cloud computing is seen as the game-changer for future processes like database management, financial transactions, transparent and secured connected networks to share information, and many more. In this article, let us explore the application of Blockchain in Cloud Computing and try to understand more about their potential integration.

What Is Cloud Computing? | What Is Blockchain Technology?

In your daily life, you must have encountered Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, and many more services. Have you ever thought about what they are actually called technically? They are basically examples of cloud storage, i.e. one of the services of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the process to deliver computing services as storage, databases, networking, and also data processing but not through the personal server but with the help of internet-based cloud. It works on traditional database architecture to store the data on a single cloud (online) which can be utilized by the participants connected to that particular network. Cloud storage ensures the security of data as various encryption techniques are deployed.

Blockchain technology is another breakthrough that follows the decentralized model of peer-to-peer networking while transferring the information or currency between two parties. Blockchain network is operated by the participants called miners rather than managed by any central authority, who solve the complex algorithms by lending their computing power and validating the transaction. Blockchain network assures impeccable security and privacy of the network, while maintaining the transparency across the connected systems.

Application Of Blockchain In Cloud Computing | Integrating Technologies

Blockchain benefits in cloud computing

Many of the companies are working on the integration of Blockchain technology with cloud computing thereby planning for blockchain hybrid cloud with the best of both the technologies. Let us just find out how the Blockchain can revamp the services provided by cloud computing:

  • Cloud computing follows the centralized model to store the information which sometimes results in the manipulation of data. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology which can make the tampering of data difficult and also aids in creating robust audit trails.
  • Security of data is ensured by the infrastructure of cloud computing but many times when the information travels from one point to another, issues related to security arise. Blockchain technology assures point-to-point encryption by breaking up the data into small chunks and adding an extra layer of security before distributing it, thereby maintaining the security of data while transiting also.
  • Blockchain technology with its highly strikethrough features is capable enough to provide geo independence to the network of cloud computing. When the network of cloud computing (particular company) is filled up to full in multiple countries, generally to process load, one has to switch to the other fully operating network node on system. Here, Blockchain can be deployed to connect the cloud networks to broaden the network and increase resilience.
  • Cloud computing is based on the client-server model meaning if a system fails, the whole of the process of transiting the information stalls down till the system recovers. But if Blockchain integrates with the cloud, then this problem can be overcome. Blockchain records the transaction on a distributed network, failure of a node or a system does not affect the process of transition. All other nodes continue to operate, and once the dysfunctional system gets repaired, it can easily catch up with the process.
  • Blockchain technology-induced with cloud computing possibly collaborates millions of single computer nodes to function as a massive distributed supercomputing system. Some of the projects need massive computational processing which can be easily managed by combined efforts of integrated systems with each system incentivized depending on the work done.

Thus, Blockchain as a service to cloud computing can turn the unrealized capability of both the technologies into the reality of mainstream. The integration of technologies not only can be utilized by the private organization, but it can be successfully implemented in government agencies to ease out the day to day work to maintain the large chunk of data.

Blockchain-Based Cloud Projects

Several renowned companies are already offering collaboration of cutting edge technologies to their clients for all new experiences.

Decentralized cloud storage

  • Microsoft, the computer giant, launched its Blockchain application development platform Azure in 2016 which is meant to be hosted by its cloud computing platform. Azure facilitates a platform for businesses to develop and deploy highly secured Blockchain apps.
  • IBM, an American technological giant, launched a full integrated blockchain platform to enable businesses to enjoy the advantages of the technology on their cloud-based platform in 2017. The trusted channel of IBM had already convinced some of the banking institutions to deploy their Blockchain-based cloud platform.
  • Oracle, one of the prominent names for providing cloud applications and service platforms, launched Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service in 2017 to facilitate the clients with enterprise graded distributed ledger platforms to establish the trustless network for the transactions across the globe.
  • SAP, a significant enterprise for providing business intelligence tools, launched a cloud-based Blockchain platform to digitally empower the businesses by scaling their services via Blockchain and cloud services, in 2017.

Many other enterprises and tech giants are working to combine both the technologies and provide better solutions to their customers, aiming for Blockchain in edge and cloud computing.

Summing Up

As the digital era is progressing exponentially, the need for decentralized cloud computing providers and also their demand is increasing day by day. Several projects are already storming the tech industry while others are on their way to complete the designing and deploying them into the real world. It can be concluded that the application of Blockchain in cloud computing is just starting to be explored or the architectures are still in their nascent stage having the scope for improving the quality of service, performance, scalability, and many other paradigms so as to foster economic growth.

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