An Insight into Pros and Cons of Modern Technology

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Excess of everything is bad. This phrase is important to mention here to bring attention to our excessive use of modern technology. We need to decide some limits because if it has advantages, then also disadvantages. An insight into both can help you understand where it is good to use technology and where it can be dangerous for us. Humans invented it for the comfort of civilization, but sometimes we see hazardous actions by tech.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology to show you both sides of a coin.

Advantage – Task Simplification in Daily Activities

Imagine any day-to-day activity, and technology can make it easy. From sending an e-mail in a few seconds to cleaning the house, there is a device or tech platform to perform every task. We may not realize it, but we depend so deeply. But if you remove all appliances from your home, you will understand how intense that dependence is.

  • Coffer maker
  • Insulators
  • Grain mill
  • Security camera
  • Exercise devices
  • Water heaters etc. etc. etc.

You know how vital the above things are to make our daily lives convenient, and it is almost impossible to imagine a routine without these. Until you do not take the resolution to survive only on primal ways of living in earlier days of human civilization, it is a joke to avoid technology.

Disadvantage – Poor Body Posture

It is really an important concern that we all go through. The worst part is that we are all aware of this issue, but there is less intention to change. In the name of comfort, technology makes us lazy and sends our mind to a rest zone where we do not even care about how we should sit, stand, sleep, etc.

  • We use mobile day and night, during the daily commute and at home. Most of the time, this habit makes us bent our neck and back and spend hours like that.
  • Watching television on the comfortable couch leaves us with no attention to how we are sitting. The body keeps lingering on the baggy bean bags, couches, cushions etc., and we forget the right posture, which is necessary for our health.
  • Driving with a wrong posture while watching a video on the screen in the car can cause not only health issues but also an accident.
Negative Effects of Wrong Body Posture
Poor digestion
Spine problems
Laziness & moodiness
Neck pain
Back pain etc.

Advantage – Easy Financial Solutions

It is only due to technology that the concept of FinTech came into existence. From exploring the online options for insurance to attaining funds through online loans, we are set with the help of technology. You just type – I need money now, and Google will display multiple options of direct lenders.

  • The multiplicity of financial products is conveniently available online
  • Make necessary payments easily through digital wallets in a short time
  • Receive and Send money in a jiffy during an emergency without documentation
  • Invest in mutual funds through the mobile application of your bank account
  • Take your new business to new heights with instant approval online startup loans
  • Do smart money management and save money through smart budget apps

The list above can be longer because this is where technology shows its magic. From financial solutions to fund management, everything is handy now with the funds. No more heavy wallets, no more stress of hefty filing to exploit a financial solution.

Disadvantage – Loss of Memory Power

  • Where are the days when we did the complicated calculations from our mental ability?
  • Why we struggle to memories the mobile numbers of our near and dear ones?
  • Why do we need to make a ‘to do’ list in our ‘notes’ section on mobile?
  • Why are robots replacing humans, causing more and more unemployment?

All the above questions lead to the same answer. We are allowing technology to prove us less or inefficient. All the above tasks can be performed by technology easily, and we all know how fast ‘ease’ makes us careless. Seriously!! Do we really care about how thoroughly we are losing our mental potential to do daily small things? Perhaps not.

From a small calculator to endless cloud space that saves our date, technology has every arrangement to ensure rest for our mind. But is that really good for us? NO, certainly not. The human mind is not designed to take rest or stay lethargic; it needs to keep working to invent new progress for a better life.

We should not depend on technology so much. Let the mind do some basic things in daily life. From making small calculations to memorizing the little things, take small initiatives.  At least start with the birthday dates of some very close people that you normally forget.

The above points describe well the dual role of technology with its advantages and disadvantages. It is sometimes a friend and sometimes an enemy in the disguise of a friend. It is on us to decide what role we want technology to play. Once again, recall the phrase, excess of everything is bad. We really cannot avoid technology, but we can surely put a limit on its use. Either you do it on time, or our importance will feel like a dwarf, and humans may become useless despite enjoying the tag of the inventor of the technology.

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