A simple guide in choosing the right color for your logo

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A simple guide in choosing the right color for your logo

There are so many things to consider before you choose to design color for your logo and your brand. After finalizing it, the next step for you is choosing the best colors for it. Picking the right colors is a significant task, as it is what will deliver the meaning and cause to impact from the various led neon signs for your business, as per your needs and requirements.

Hence, choosing the right designs and colors is essential. Embracing the colors won’t be much of a task after you get through this article. So let us learn about the meaning of different colors used in the logo.


Optimism, clarity, and warmth are what define this color in a logo. It is a color that is easily detectable even on the busiest streets of the town.

Being an attention seeker, the businesses adopting this color wish to grab attention from the individuals and want to make them feel comfortable glimpsing it.

The color used by many restaurants and cafes helps to evoke warm emotions from their customers and stimulate their clientele.


Being yet another color to grab an individual’s attention, it successfully draws the eyes of many people and causes them to action.

Companies like Harley Davidson, Fanta, and Nickelodeon has successfully attracted its target customers by using orange in their logo.


The appealing color represents passion, urgency, and excitement. The visually stimulating color is designed to raise the pulse rates of the viewers.

The color is used by Pinterest and coca-cola to create urgency and excitement on seeing the label. It has also used by retail companies like Puma and RayBan to attract customers.


Royalty and trust is the denotation of the velvety color.

It prompts the imagination, as well as images of enthusiasm, grandeur, and opulence.

Giving a feeling for everything possible, it grants you a free feel with a majestic appeal.

It is the reason why beauty brands like Younique make use of this color to attract their customers.


Strength paired with calmness is what the color symbolizes. Using it in the logo, it helps to bring the charm of tranquility, potential, and dependability. Moreover, it indicates a level of pride, exhibits professionalism, and dependability.

Used by computer manufacturing brands such as Dell and Intel, its features also make it use by the health care providers.


Representing growth and money, the fresh, green color, is a pick by the money-related brands.

It is also a choice of the companies involved in environmental space and also of the food products.

The non-governmental environmental organization Greenpeace has used green to influence its logo.

Black & White

Being the color of elegance, class, and sophistication, the said colors black and white are fill-in logos representing power.

Sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma use these colors to show the above-said properties.

If the brand wants to cater to the audience to feel mysterious, black is the best choice for you. It is also an exceptional color implying simplicity.

How many colors to use?

Filling your logo with the colors produce a multitude of effects for your audiences, supporting you build the existing niche.

It is upon you how many colors do you wish to use on your logo.

Again, this depends on what direction your company or business is taking.

You must consider the following things before you select the number of colors for your logo design:

  • Do not use many shades in the same logo as it may sometimes present a shoddy appearance. At times, brands use two to three colors for the logo, which is acceptable.
  • Never choose a group of colors because they are appealing to your company.
  • Make use of contrasting colors to create a visually appealing appearance.
  • There is no limitation for the colors used to a specific industry, so do not hesitate to adopt the colors you feel right for your brand logo.


Whatever design or colors you choose for your brand logo, make sure that they are smart enough to create its identity in the market as well as stand different from the LED channel letter, ornamenting the streets of the city.

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