7 steps to get thousands of visitors on a Wikipedia page

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When you start a blog or build a new website for a business, you dream about one thing – crazy traffic. And you are right. Traffic is the foundation of lead generation.

But most website and blog owners have pretty good traffic. No one reads tons of content, visitors do not ask questions in the comments, there are no social signals. And then site owners resolutely speak out “Crap! Why it doesn’t work?”

Well, it is highly recommended to hire professional Wikipedia writers to write you an article. They know how to write a decent, well-features and fully optimized article. They also know every rule and guideline that has to be adhered in order to publish an article.

Let’s think about what needs to be done to make it work. I’ll tell you a secret – you don’t need to write an article every day, you don’t even have to publish an article every week, if only it was. But, what to do?

Here are a few steps that you should implement in order to increase traffic to your Wiki page.

Choose the least competitive keyword for writing an article.

The less competitive the word, the more likely it is to take a higher position in the TOP. As practice shows, the least competitive are long keywords. They usually have 4 or more words. And it is better if they have no more than 100 requests. They most accurately respond to the request of your audience.

Also, according to some sources, queries with long tail keywords occupy 70% of search queries. This suggests that you have a chance to beat the “big boys” in the struggle for a place in the TOP search. Even if you are just a blogger.

Create a viral title

You can just ruin your content if you make a bad title. Title must be unique, good and rich enough that explains the whole article. For example, reader understands whether he should spend his time reading your article. Or is it just a waste of time for him. A reader only get attracted by a title. Many copywriters and editors also claims that it is the headline that draws attention and makes the reader read your article.

Following are the most effective and easiest catchy header formulas.

  • Use number (numeric) in your title.
  • Use Adjectives – exciting (causing excitement).
  • Use keyword in title (10 exciting signs of magnesium deficiency that kill.”) If magnesium was a keyword.

Pay attention to the structure of your content.

Once again, remember for whom you are creating your article. Imagine yourself as your reader. And answer your question – how do you usually read articles? Most likely, this happens as follows: you read the introduction and then go through the subtitles. And if there is a conclusion, you will stop your attention there too. Right? This is the most successful structure for the article that readers want to read.

Pictures must be relevant to the text.

If you are writing a guide article on how to create a blog or how to cook delicious cabbage soup, you simply must confirm your actions with illustrations. If you write that a lack of magnesium in the body leads to insomnia, then look for a picture that characterizes this symptom.

Do not forget about links

Do you know why Wikipedia page is almost always the No. 1 site in the search? If not, let’s try now. Search anything. You will find Wikipedia page like somewhere in the first page. Chances are it may appears in the first 3 links.

For approximately 250 words of text, an article on content marketing has 8 links to its own pages. And below 2 more external links that indicate the reliability of this information. And if you want to know more about something, you just click on the link.

Therefore, I can confidently say that links are important for your ranking in search results. They will help to keep the attention of the reader on your site.

The size of the article matters

The longer your article, the more it attracts attention. It gets more likes and shares. Also, such content is more often referred. Of course, if you are a beginner, it will be difficult for you to make an article even in 2,000 words. This requires a certain skill. However, this sometimes makes sense.

Remember what we talked about at the beginning of the article that it’s better to have one quality article per week or two than a passing article every day.

Install SEO plugins

This is one of the best blogging tools to optimize your content. By installing a SEO plugin, you will see under the article all the recommendations that you must follow.


Content is the main goal of your marketing strategy. This is your path to social endorsement and first targeted traffic. And today you have seven very important points that will help you realize your plans in the Internet business. Start using these as soon as possible. Even if something doesn’t work out right away, you will see the result over time.

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