5 Different Types of Shopping Mall Signs You Can’t Miss

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Operating a successful retail business incorporates optimizing several different things- signage is one of such. Effective signage can drive significant number of sales and customers. But, since using signage is no more a secret, here comes the competition. While other businesses are using signage you’ve to put some X-factor in it in order to cut through the competition.

Quality signage can easily give you boosted traffic and sales within a short period. Although the adverse effect can also be seen if this signage isn’t done properly. Talking about signage, there’re 5 different types of signage. In this article you’ll be covered up with these 5 different types of signage.


  • Outdoor sign

There’s a saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but it only fits for characterizing human being only. In shopping mall people are more prone to outdoor interior and attractive signage. You’ll not like to pay a visit in a dim lit shop so does everyone. Everyone likes that brighten up shops with proper navigation signs. Outdoor signs work as a way to door to building the first impression of your brand. People judge your brand just by looking at your outdoor designs. Does it sound unfair? Still, it’s human psychology. So, you better customize your outdoor with proper usage of signage. It represents your brand, yourself, your business moto and other things. Customize it like people can’t stop themselves from paying a visit to your shop.

  • Informational Signage

Informational signage is basically directional, organization and departmental. Since shopping malls usually covers large area, it’s important to aware people with proper navigation. It’ll help them shorten their shopping time. Since time is precious for every individual, if you give value of time then you’ll get the same value from other side as well. People will value your shop and slowly it’ll be a reflexive action for them to pay a visit whenever they need something.

  • Persuasive Signage

Since signage is a way to convey a message, it can be used for variety of reasons. Persuasive signage is a way which advertise any product or basically promote a brand. Persuasive signs are used to interact your potential customers with your brand. It can be either be done in an entertaining way or a meaningful way depending on your product. While designing persuasive signs you’ve to be extra vigilant as it’ll be a medium to communicate with your customers about your brand.

  • Mats signage

Presently using mats as a way to convey certain message is also a part of signage. Next time if you see mats on the floor conveying some message don’t be surprised. You may pick mat as a feature to include your brand logo or to convey something to customers. Also these days’ ergonomic mats are used to relieve stress and rejuvenate employees as well as customers.

  • Compliant Signage

When you’re representing your brand it should have a sign of unity. Regardless of physical and mental boundaries your brand should represent a welcome message to everyone. Also, since physically disabled people need a place to take rest while they’re at your shop, compliant signage are used to showcase these ways to restroom or a certain place to sit.


Shopping Mall Signs can contribute in increasing your sales and number of potential customers. Make sure you use each type of signs properly to direct your customers into potential buyers. If you’ve no clue how to design, then there’re experts who can guide you with the designs of these signs.


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