4 Health Benefits of Using Variable Height Desk

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The adjustable variable height desks are wildly escalating in the furniture market today. With the launch of such tech-savvy desks, a majority of working individuals are jumping to the stores for making such purchases.

Those who are wondering why these people are getting too much attracted to these desks, for them, we have a suggestion. Kindly read the blog till the end and think twice, “don’t you want to use a variable height desk?

Now, if you don’t belong to this above-mentioned group of individuals, it means you have already done your research regarding these variable height desks. And now, you are looking for more content that includes – why these adjustable height desks are beneficial? What are their health benefits?

Is that so?

Worry no further. This blog has nicely highlighted the benefits thus making you realize how well is to use such a desk for working purpose.

4 Top Health Benefits Associated With Using Variable Height Desk

  • Works on your metabolic syndrome: Metabolic syndrome occurs due to the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, weight gain, and obesity. Such a disease result in high blood pressure level, high blood sugar level, excess body fat, and an increase in cholesterol level.Surprisingly, using this particular tech-savvy desk you can lower the risk of all these above-mentioned diseases, keeping your body fit and healthy to a great extent. Studies say, being in a standing position burns 30% of the body calories than being in a sitting position. Quite normal. And that’s the reason why being in a standing position for hours the body gets tired.
  • Prevent chronic pain: Sitting for a long time in office and performing work for over 9hours generates excessive back pain and excessive strain on joints. This is responsible for excessive chronic pain, herniated discs, and pinched nerves. Solution? The variable height desk!The desk is designed in such a way that it prevents users from excessive chronic pain and allow the individual to enjoy the work. Adjusting the height according to the position thus lower the risk of tiredness, body aches, and severe joint pain at a young age.
  • Boost up the energy level: Fresh mood and high energy levels both are equally demanding at work. But this is never possible when you are sitting or standing for hours. Being a single position for a long time exhausts the entire body resulting in less productivity. Maybe that’s the reason why in many offices the employers provide adjustable work desks to add comfort to their employees.Adjustable desks contribute a lot to boosting the mood and amplifying the energy level of the working individual, simply by allowing body movement. Just try this out with a cup of coffee or tea and you will certainly feel highly energetic.
  • Increase brain power: Proper brain circulation helps the person to think out of the box. This increases the working ability and even boosts up the performance. However, this can only happen when your body sounds good and you are able to take the work pressure.The variable height desks are designed in such a manner that it unbinds all the brain clots, makes your body flexible and helps in increasing your brain-power. Concentration, productivity, performance, and good health all are equally taken care of if you are using this adjustable desks.

The Bottom Line

The research defines that the individuals who are working in IT firms or doing 9-12 hours jobs are often diagnosed with high blood pressure levels, obesity, high sugar level, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Likewise, the individuals who spend more time in standing position are the victim of muscle fatigue, sore feet, swelling of legs, arthritis, etc.

Hence it can be easily concluded that neither standing for a long time is good nor sitting for hours is fruitful. What is needed is to sit and stand simultaneously while you are working. And the best way to do so is by using a variable height desk that enables the users to adjust the height of the desk according to the position.

So, are you ready to buy one? Look for the furniture dealers online or offline and buy one to enjoy your work.

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