3 Tips that will Help you Succeed the Future of Content Marketing

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Gone are the days when you only have to write content with a featured image on top and wait for people to share it. Now, along with it you have to promote your content, make it worth the share and instill creativity to make it stand out from the competition. Since technology has evolved to a whole new level so it’s time to shape your content according to the technology. 

The more you create innovative content, the better the engagement you’ll receive from your audience. In this context, dig out the famous brand on social media like Kickstarter, Spotify, Intuit and see how they make their posts work. 

So, you have to think of the upcoming trends of content marketing before you start creating the strategy. But before you start thinking here are the top three trends that will make your content marketing successful. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Use Data in your Stories

Strong facts and information make your stories realistic as compared to the one without it.

It’s the next big trend in content marketing. Instagram is a powerful tool that has given rise to storytelling but at the same time, it has grown competitive advantage to tell stories. In the future, stories won’t surround the recent happenings, news, tips and tricks only but also the facts that give weight to your stories

It’s with data that you can compile great stories and information. For example, you want to aware people about the rise of startups in your community. If you do it with text-only approach that will drive fewer engagements but if you do it with a visual approach like compiling the stats and facts in an infographic and telling stories you will gain more traffic. For example, if you see Intuit, it has an amazing blog that captures its audience through interesting stats and information. It also uses its customer data points to drive its marketing strategies.

Data points also help you to collect customer’s insights and use them as the attention-grabbing features for customers. Therefore, the more data you use for your blog, articles, stories, and videos, the greater response you’ll receive and will also dive your organic search results.

2. ChatBots

Chatbots are not only a great solution for ecommerce but also a great help for content and digital marketing. It empowers personalization. For example, if your customer wants to get in touch with you and he drops you an email or leaves a message on your social accounts, you can use chatbots to give them personalized replies. People love customization and they feel more engaged when they see their queries are handled personally. 

You’ve seen how successful ecommerce stores leverage chatbots to increase their sales but these bots are going to get huge in the future. It will be greatly used to talk with people and drilling out their thoughts and increasing their engagement towards the brand.

For example, you can create a personalized chatbot that is tailored to your brand values or ethos. You can build its character according to the user requirements. It will prove to be effective and get many customers go round your brand. Google bot and Apple’s Siri are live examples of it. 

It can also help the Internet marketing specialist to upgrade your existing content in a new way, trend or latest practices.  

3. Interactive Content

Using technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, you can create interactive content to make your content marketing successful. It’s a great medium to push stories that resonate with human emotions and will create impact soon as compared to the textual content.

For example, you create an app that helps people to write a book by suggesting relevant research resources and authors. Now using an augmented reality technique you can film your app working and it available to people. There are two strong benefits to it. First is that people will have a clear idea of your app, second your up to date content marketing will set your great value for your customers.  


So, these are the three top trends of content marketing which you’ll see on a big scale in 2020. It’s time that you start adopting these practices from now or else your competitors can take the place and make you away from the competition.  

I hope now you get a better idea of the future trends of content marketing. Feel free to pour in your suggestions in the comments below.   

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