10 Ideas For Superhero Fancy Dress Costumes- Women

10 Ideas For Superhero Fancy Dress Costumes- Women

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Don’t we all want to look like Harley Quinn? She’s pretty as hell. She looks like she could kick some asses without her psycho boyfriend. Halloweens are meant to be scary and bold looking parties. We all admire superhero characters. We can relate to them. So why can’t we look exactly like them? It is not the problem anymore. Here are some pleasant and attractive looks you would want to carry to any superhero fancy dress costume. 

Marvel Superhero Fancy Dress Costume

When it comes to Marvels, there are tons of things you would want to look for. Girls! Whichever Marvel female character you love, you can carry. 

Natasha Romanoff

A Russian spy is the girl of our dream. Before getting recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. she was just a normal girl. Later, she turned into something we wish to look like. If you cannot find anything, pick up a pair of black leather leggings with a black jacket. The V-shaped, body-fitted black outfit sums up the whole look of this superhero. This could also make the best Halloween dress. Oh! Did we mention attaching a S.H.I.E.L.D. patch?

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel dress

The most powerful superhero in the Marvel world is to die for. She is a perfect fit for a feminist icon. To create her look, you are going to need quite a lot of things. A pair of ankle-length black boots, a red belt, a pair of blue jeans, and a super tight T-Shirt of blue color is just the root of the costume. Add some silver and a star for the hope in the costume. Color the bottoms of your blue jeans red. You are all good to slay.  

Scarlet Witch

Pick a red long overcoat from your retro dresses. Wear skinny-fit black jeans on the bottom of a garnet-red bodysuit. The neckline should be V-neck. Wanda’s outfit is a corset with everything made of leather material. Well! You can get that look with a few things already present in your closet. If you wish to accessorize, take a black backpack and a red lace-up choker.


Gamora dress

The very green adopted girl of Thanos. Before painting your whole body green, make sure to get your outfit right. Like Thanos raised her to be the deadliest woman in the universe, dress like the deadliest character in the party. A black corset, a pair of boots, a pair of black skinny-fit low-waist jeans, and you are all set to kill the universe.


You might have not seen her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. She is a character of Marvel Comics. Ororo wears a sleek leotard suit topped with a crown to reference as the tribal princess of Kenya. Wear a silver jumpsuit with a cross sign stitched onto it. We know it is a kind of vintage dress. Also, wear white wig princesses.

DC Superhero Fancy Dress Costume

DC has given us more powerful female characters with a concrete past. We know you all want to look influential and fearless like them.

Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman dress

Wonderwoman is usually strapless like any other woman in Amazon. Find a red fitted top and pair it up with a blue skirt. For moderation, you can go for a red swimsuit. Make a crown that has a star pasted on it. Paint white stars on your skirt as well. Complete the look with knee-high red boots. Superhero fancy dress costumes are best to experiment with new looks, right?

Harley Quinn

The psycho lover’s girlfriend has the most glittery and girly-girl costume with two ponytails of different colors. Now for her look, you have two options; either go with a red and black jesters outfit or go for a red and white baseball tee, short half red and half blue shorts, fishnet stockings, boots, and a fancy black belt. Try to be the villain of the party who has all eyes on her. 


Mera dress

While many of you might be unaware of her but you must remember Aquaman’s sister-in-law. Take out one of your coral green slit party dresses and carry your white shimmery ankle-length boots with them. If you want to accessorize, keep using shades of gold to go with the theme. Carry more accessories with symbols of Aquaman on them to showcase your character.

There is one more style of Mera, the one with the ‘welcome to Atlantis’ style. This style is simple and yet so outstanding. It is an ethereal, flowy orange, silver, and lavender-toned dress. Get your white sweater on top of an orange skirt. This is up to you if you want to wear heels or sneakers.  


This character still exists in DC comics. There are many interpretations of her outfit. Each one of them is iconic. The base theme color of her outfits remains the same- yellow, green, red. Whichever outfit you choose, always wear a wing-shaped eye mask. Yellow strapless top, green spandex tight pants, red latex underwear, red leather high boots, black leather belt, white bird wing costume, orange long wig, and battle mace prop are all the things you would need to look like Hawkgirl. 


Supergirl dress

The long cousin of superman has an easy peasy outfit. Buy a blue T-shirt with a batman logo on it, wrap a golden belt around your waist with a red skirt. Every girl looks absolutely beautiful and strong in the supergirl outfit. 

An added look of supergirl is the formal dress look. She wears a pink shirt with a black skirt and heels. She looks like the girl we desire to be. Get a formal pink shirt and couple it up with a black skirt.

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