People are still confused when they hear about blockchain and cryptocurrency, which are considered as the most recent innovations in the area of technology. Bitcoin, which is the most popular among all cryptocurrencies, gained traction from the time it was launched. The idea behind this was to introduce something which could go beyond any centralized control or to bring about a completely decentralized economy. After some years, several countries started to comply with the idea of decentralization and began the adoption of this cryptocurrency. For this, they started giving licenses to launch a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange. Bitcoin has gained dominance with its huge market capitalization, and many people want to know about it. In this article, I will tell you how to get started with Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin, A Road To Decentralized Economy

Bitcoin was introduced as digital cash which could be out of anyone’s control. Before it, several attempts were made, but all of them failed miserably. This cryptocurrency was successfully launched in 2009, by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Many believed that it would burst like a bubble. However, the cryptocurrency has proved them wrong and emerged as a top player in the market. Gradually, countries like the USA, Canada and many others started gaining interest, and China became the leader when it came to mining Bitcoins. It currently holds 50% of Bitcoin mining power all around the world. After a decade, Bitcoin gained some adoption and became an ideal investment among several investors across the globe.

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A Look On How To Get Started With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has emerged as a future of both technology and investment. The cryptocurrency can be traded with the help of several popular crypto exchanges available today like Coinbase, BitMEX, Binance and many more. Moreover, Bitcoin wallets have been introduced where users can store Bitcoins and trade with them. There are many ways to start trading with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Some can go for crypto exchange platforms while others can trade online platforms such as eToro. In addition to this, platforms like Paypal also provides crypto trading services. Traders are also charged some fees while trading with these digital assets. The market of crypto is very volatile and could see several ups and downs within a week. Still, Bitcoin has become a favourite investment among investors who are comfortable in taking risks. 

Why Bitcoin Trading Is Lucrative

Any person who does not have knowledge regarding this field could suffer a huge loss. However, putting some money on cryptocurrencies can be beneficial for a short time period. There are a bunch of strategies that exist today that can prove to be fruitful. A trader can take help from experts who have experience in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. All such advisors are readily available over the internet. One significant reason to start trading in Bitcoin is that as cryptocurrency is a very recent technology and it has not been adopted by many, several institutional investors are not involved in the crypto market. So, this is the right time to trade with Bitcoin because the market is somehow free from any type of manipulation. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have given a detailed explanation on how to get started with Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the latest innovation in the field of technology, and they are gradually gaining traction across the globe. There are many platforms that provide daily updates on Bitcoin and the latest news on cryptocurrency. Bitcoin could be considered as digital cash which has introduced a decentralized economy. Also, it is the right time to start trading in cryptos as institutional investors do not manipulate its market. Once, everybody will start investing in cryptocurrencies, doing trade in the crypto world would become a difficult task.

Anyone who has associated himself with the crypto world already knows that Bitcoin is the biggest and the first cryptocurrency. However, there are many digital currencies apart from Bitcoin, and they are called Altcoins. All cryptos besides Bitcoin are Altcoins. Today, there are over 1500 cryptocurrencies that are operating in the market. Bitcoin gained dominance in the market since the time it started its journey, and it gained the largest market capitalization. With the rise of these cryptocurrencies, several services have emerged that provide all crypto news. The crypto market always sees the rise and fall every single day. However, Bitcoin holds its dominance and crushes other Altcoins. In this article, we will discuss whether Bitcoin is really a threat to Altcoins. 

Bitcoin’s Dominance Until Now

As mentioned above, Bitcoin gained dominance early in the market. Also, there was no other cryptocurrency that was competing with Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency took advantage of its early launch and gained the top position in the market. After that, other coins such as Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash(a hard fork of Bitcoin) and many others started their journey and began competing with each other, leaving Bitcoin. With the rising popularity of this digital currency, several individuals who supported Bitcoin emerged and came to be known as Bitcoin maximalists.

During the time when Bitcoin was launched, people thought that it wouldn’t serve any good to the market. However, this cryptocurrency gained traction and was adopted by several countries, including China, the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Vietnam and many more. 

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Can Bitcoin Pose Threat To Altcoins

Speaking about Altcoins, they started their journey just a few years after Bitcoin started climbing the ladder of success. Altcoins started competing, and each of them provided a unique feature. For example, IOTA worked on improving Internet-of-Technology(IoT), Ethereum brought the concept of smart contracts, Ripple allowed banks to perform the cross-border payment in an efficient manner and Bitcoin Cash, which is a hard fork of Bitcoin, increased the Bitcoin’s block size up to 8 MB.

Now the question arises if these cryptocurrencies are providing so many features to the market, then why they were so much underestimated. One answer could be that Altcoins will gain some respect in the market when other emerging technologies like Internet-of-Technology, quantum computing, distributed application etc. will see more and more adoption.

The main objective behind launching Bitcoin was that it would act as digital cash in the future. Other cryptocurrencies provided many features and went beyond being digital cash. Thus, these coins could be as respectful as Bitcoin when emerging technologies see more adoption.

Future Of Altcoins

When we see the price chart, Bitcoin takes the top position, and no other crypto is seen just after it. A huge price difference exists between Bitcoin and Altcoins. Many blockchain experts still say that the future of other digital currencies could be bright if they will undergo certain improvements. However, this will take several years, and till then, Bitcoin will continue to dominate in the crypto world. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have seen some opinions on whether Bitcoin could pose a threat to Altcoins. Bitcoin has been dominating the market and will continue to do so until altcoins could bring something new to the game. The first cryptocurrency came as digital cash and has not provided anything so far. However, it gained lots of respect and applause from the market. Today, there are a bunch of platforms that provide the latest news on Bitcoin. Both investors and traders could take benefits from these crypto services. Finally, it could be expected that other cryptocurrencies will rise as soon as countries and its people adopt technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, IOT and others on a massive scale.

Everyone in the crypto world already knows that Bitcoin is the biggest and the first cryptocurrency. However, there are many cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin, and they are called Altcoins. One such altcoin is Bitcoin Cash, which was introduced on 1st August due to protest against Bitcoin Core’s implementation. The demand to hard fork Bitcoin and increase the size of its block up to 8MB gave rise to Bitcoin Cash. Since its launch, Bitcoin Cash(BCH) saw a sharp surge in its price, and people also started investing in it. Several latest news on Bitcoin Cash are provided every day. In this article, I am going to list down some facts about Bitcoin Cash that make it an interesting cryptocurrency. 

Five Important Facts About Bitcoin Cash

1. A Fork From Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash was the cryptocurrency which was forked from Bitcoin. The virtual currency fulfilled the promise of ‘P2P electronic cash’ and came into circulation on 1st August 2017. As stated before, the primary goal of the fork was to expand the block size up to 8 MB so that it could achieve the capacity to process more transactions as compared to that of the most popular cryptocurrency.  

2. Coinbase

Coinbase is the cryptocurrency exchange platform which has its headquarters in San Francisco. Earlier, this exchange didn’t provide any support to Bitcoin Cash(BCH) because it was not sure whether this cryptocurrency would have any value in the future. However, due to sentiments from the users, Coinbase declared to start Bitcoin Cash trading from 1st January 2018.

3. Journey Of Bitcoin Cash

Earlier when Bitcoin Cash started its journey, it was traded at 0.5 BTC. However, its price fell down and came at 0.10 BTC. Presently, there are many digital currency exchange platforms that do not accept the trading for Bitcoin Cash, as it is not possible to move Bitcoin Cash over the Blockchain network due to its current structure. The other reason is that mining of a single BCH block takes a lot of time, and the process is also cumbersome. 

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4. Current Worth Of Bitcoin Cash

When it comes to the current worth of Bitcoin Cash, the cryptocurrency has shown some significant growth. Its price skyrocketed, and at present, its value has reached more than $300 USD. In terms of valuation, Bitcoin Cash became the third-largest cryptocurrency in the market this year. Also, more growth could be expected from this digital currency.

5. Its Future Growth

Until now, Bitcoin Cash has shown significant signs of growth. Its value could be expected to grow at a fast pace in the coming years as it was forked from Bitcoin. Thus, Bitcoin Cash could have an advantage of Bitcoin’s popularity for its future expansion. The world of crypto is unpredictable, and any coin could show a rise or a fall. So, from this point of view, the future of Bitcoin Cash could not be predicted. Still, blockchain advisors suggest that this cryptocurrency could surge because the number of transactions would increase in the future.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have tried to explain some interesting facts about Bitcoin Cash. The cryptocurrency was forked from the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin when some people demanded that the block size of the former digital currency should increase. The first fork increased the size of Bitcoin’s blockchain up to 8MB. Today, several crypto experts have emerged to provide daily updates on Bitcoin Cash together with Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency was introduced to speed up the transactions, the ability which Bitcoin lacked. Finally, one could say that Bitcoin Cash could see a surge in the future, as it has gained a great deal of attention until now.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have dominated the world. Blockchain has emerged as the future of technology due to its ability to eliminate third parties involved in the transaction. Besides this, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin has gained the largest market capitalization, which has reached over $130 billion. It is also expected that the market cap of this digital currency would reach more than a trillion dollars in the future. Today, several platforms provide the latest news of Bitcoin. In this article, we will have a deep look at Bitcoin and Blockchain.

What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin And Blockchain

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and blockchain is the underlying technology of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is just an application of blockchain technology which allows it to complete a transaction without involvement of any third-party. Blockchain is the technique to store data in blocks, and these blocks are linked together to form a chain. The technology uses some form of cryptography to secure transactions between the two parties(i.e. sender and receiver). There are millions of computers involved in the blockchain network that records every change made within the blockchain system. Every single change in the network is reflected on all the computers connected which are connected with each other. 

Besides cryptocurrency, blockchain technology can be used in a variety of core industries such as food processing, banking, healthcare, law firms and many more.

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Bitcoin, The Biggest Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin leads in the crypto world when it comes to the largest market capitalization. Currently, it dominates in the cryptocurrency market with the market cap more than a billion dollars. The cap is also expected to reach trillion dollars in the future. In 2009, this cryptocurrency was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto. The cryptocurrency was launched by an unknown group of people who used Satoshi Nakamoto as an alias to hide their identity. Earlier when Bitcoin started its journey, its value was less than a dollar. The value surged sharply, and it has now reached more than 10000 USD. With the rise of Bitcoin, several popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, BitMex, Coinbase, Poloniex etc. also emerged and allowed trading with Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Countries like China, USA and many more started mining Bitcoin. At present, China has become the largest cryptocurrency miner all around the world. 

Blockchain, The Future Of Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized technology which digitally records transactions. The technology was introduced to eliminate third-party which are involved between the sender and the receiver. Currently, there are many third-party platforms such as Paytm, PayPal etc. which are dominating in the field of payment. With the introduction of blockchain technology, it could be expected that the fee charged for completing a transaction could fall sharply. Many countries across the world such as Russia, Japan, China and the USA have embraced blockchain technology. Moreover, it could find applications in many core sectors to provide transparency in the process. With the advancement in this technology, several other forms of blockchain have evolved which could be centralized as well as decentralized. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have given some details about Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Bitcoin has gained massive attention from people across the globe. Moreover, this digital currency has surged up drastically, and now, it has gained the largest market capitalization in the world of cryptocurrencies. As discussed above, blockchain, which is an underlying technology behind Bitcoin, could find applications beyond cryptocurrency. Today, a blockchain magazine is enough to provide information on this technology. Finally, it can be said that maybe blockchain is the latest trend in the tech world, it would dominate in each and every area that exists or could exist in the future.

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency which was introduced by Vitalik Buterin on 30 July 2015. It introduced the concept of the smart contract, which is a program that runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine provided by Ethereum blockchain. This cryptocurrency is the second-largest virtual currency just after Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. There exist many platforms that provide Ethereum price prediction services. Moreover, Ethereum hosts a majority of Initial Coin Offerings(ICOs). Customers are always looking to buy Ethereum because its value rose earlier. In this article, I am going to tell you the best ways to purchase Ethereum.

Top 5 Ways To Purchase Ethereum

1 Debit Card Or Credit Card

Purchasing Ethereum using a debit card or credit card is one of the most popular ways. There are several crypto exchanges and brokers such as eToro, Coinbase etc. that allow users to buy Ethereum. eToro allows purchasers to use Mastercard, Visa and Diner’s Club for both selling and buying Ethereum. The platform charges a fee of about $25 dollars both for sale and purchase.

2 PayPal

Next way to buy Ethereum is by using PayPal, the world’s largest payment platform. The platform allows one to buy a few quantities of Ethereum worth about 2000 euros. Although there are some platforms such as TransferWise and Skrill, PayPal is the top choice when it comes to trading with cryptocurrencies. Two popular platforms that allow buying and selling of Ethereum using PayPal are eToro and LocalEthereum.

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3 Bank Transfer

Banker transfer is a method that is useful for both small and large Ethereum purchases. Customers should be very cautious while choosing the appropriate cryptocurrency exchange because they may face issues related to privacy and security. In addition to this, there are many other factors such as fees involved, deposit timings, supported countries while buying Ethereum using this method. 

4 Cash

You can directly use cash to buy Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. When it comes to buying cryptocurrency using cash, LocalCryptos is the most reliable platform. In this platform, buyers have to spend 0.75% of escrow fees and buy Ethereum or other cryptos using either cash or bank transfer method. While using this method, it should be noted that what fiat currency is supported by the platform. The option for using cash for making a purchase is available all around the world and can vary from a few dollars to hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

5 Cryptocurrency

Yes, you read it right! A cryptocurrency can be used to buy another cryptocurrency. For example, one could use Bitcoin to buy Ethereum or one could use Ethereum to purchase Bitcoin. Trading using cryptocurrencies involves the largest trade volume, which can reach more than billions of dollars in a single day. The most popular cryptocurrency exchange which allows trading using other digital currencies is Binance. Other crypto exchanges that allow buying Ethereum using other cryptos are Coinbase, Bitstamp, BitPanda, Kraken and many more. 

Final Thoughts 

In this article, I have given the five most popular ways to purchase Ethereum. As these digital currencies operate in a very low-regulated or completely unregulated environment, it becomes very crucial to be cautious while purchasing them. Moreover, the crypto industry is extremely volatile, and cryptos can see a sudden rise or fall within a single day. Several latest news on Ethereum is readily available on the internet. Although using a debit card or credit card is the most popular method, buying cryptocurrency using another cryptocurrency boasts most enormous trade volumes. Cryptocurrencies, together with blockchain, are getting more and more attention from all around the world, and it could be expected that these currencies will dominate in the coming years.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others have taken the world by storm. There are many websites giving the latest news on Bitcoin together with other cryptocurrencies. Apart from these, several payment methods have emerged that could help anyone buy and sell anything using these digital currencies. With cryptocurrencies getting the spotlight nowadays, several questions have emerged. One of the popular questions is how one could buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Paypal. The payment platform, by itself, is a big name in the payment industry. Paypal has been supporting the use of cryptos on its platform. In this article, I am going to discuss how you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Paypal.

Best Ways To Buy Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Using Paypal

1. Purchasing Cryptocurrencies With Paypal

Although there are a plethora of options when it comes to buying cryptocurrencies, still making the purchase using Paypal is one of the easiest ways. Here are the three steps while buying cryptocurrencies using Paypal.

  • Create An Account With Paypal: The first step is to create an account with Paypal.
  • Register Yourself With A Crypto Trading Platform: After creating an account, you should register with a platform that provides a cryptocurrency trading service. There are many platforms that provide trading or brokerage services for cryptocurrencies such as eToro, etc. 
  • Get A Crypto Wallet: Finally, get a cryptocurrency wallet that will support digital assets you desire to purchase.’s wallet is one of the best wallets to go for, as it provides an excellent trading and storage service for Bitcoin and other cryptos.

2. Use A Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange

Another easy way is to go for a cryptocurrency exchange platform that you can easily rely upon. There are a bunch of such platforms that provide crypto trading services across the globe. One such crypto exchange platform is Coinbase, which became a top choice since it started offering cryptocurrency trading service in Paypal. Coinbase provides the facility to buy and sell cryptocurrencies based on the user’s location. If you have chosen Coinbase in the Paypal platform, you should complete all the identity verification process. After that, click on the ‘Settings’ section and then ‘linked accounts’.

Next, select “New Account” tab and then select Paypal and Coinbase dashboard. You can follow the given screenshot provided by the Coinbase.

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A Coinbase FAQ On How To Link Paypal Account

3. Go For A Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

Finally, you can go to a peer-to-peer marketplace. One such well-known name among peer-to-peer marketplace is The main reason why I recommended this platform is because it has a base of one lakh users from 249 nations all around the world.

The platform has provision for OTC(over-the-counter) trading, which offers diverse transactions payments and faster transactions. Here are three steps to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos using

  • Enter The Search Parameters: First, enter the number of Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies you want to purchase. You can also select the country from where you want to buy them. 
  • Find The Seller: After that, you can select your preferred seller from the list of sellers available on the platform.
  • Complete The Trade: Once you have found the seller, you will be directed to the trading screen. In this screen, you will see his or her trading limits, payment window and location. While initiating the trade, it is also important to read the trading terms of the seller. 

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have received great cheer and applause from many nations across the globe. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has emerged as one of the largest digital assets in terms of market capitalization. There are several platforms that keep everyone updated with the latest Bitcoin news. Moreover, blockchain technology has seen massive adoption in several core industries. Also, I have provided some best ways to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Paypal. Hopefully, these tips will come in handy the next time you wish to purchase cryptocurrencies via Paypal.

The current business atmosphere puts many small and medium-sized ventures in a disadvantageous position. Although they play a crucial role in building any major economy, they continue to face barriers to entry. In such challenging times, it has become evident that small businesses need blockchain technology to fuel their growth and survive in a market that is heavily tilted against them currently.

Streamlining Business Flows with Blockchain

Small businesses often neglect the fundamental processes of inventory, invoicing, and payroll in their bid to focus on scaling their businesses. However, business flows that support their products and services also need to evolve. Small companies often resort to purchasing a CMS or CRM platform or hiring the services of a service provider. Blockchain, through smart contracts, offers a more economical alternative. Using this, they can create and enforce deals between users, who will serve as their clients and merchants. With smart contracts, companies can solve the issues of handling inventory fulfillment, settling interest fees, paying employees and bills, closing new deals, creating insurance policies, or any other transactional activity. While this may sound too complicated, blockchain online courses for beginners can help them learn the basics of technology and employ them in their processes.

Boosting Security and Enhancing Privacy

Any significant reduction in overhead costs is advantageous for small businesses. But security and transparency are also value-added benefits, which is why small businesses need blockchain. Through a system of cryptography-protected public and private keys, small businesses can ensure that they are verified by the services without giving away their personal or financial information that is sensitive. Also, web-based attacks cost small businesses a lot of time and money. However, the decentralized nature of the blockchain requires the hacker to breach all the peer nodes simultaneously. Thus, it becomes almost impossible to carry out DDoS attacks.

Bridging the Gap Between Big and Small Businesses

The rigorous procedure for obtaining a bank loan often starves businesses of the time they could otherwise devote to more productive activities. As such, small businesses are usually starved for funding. However, several past ICOs have raised much more funds than their expectations. An ICO is a way for startups to raise capital by offering their crypto tokens to willing buyers. This has made it convenient for ICOs to raise funds as the team employed to create the token, and the track record of the company fuel the token’s value. Although inconsistent, it has helped to fund hundreds and thousands of new businesses.


Blockchain is a new technology, and the infrastructure that exists in most places is struggling hard to support it. However, it represents a rising tide, and small businesses need blockchain if they want to be successful in the near future. As blockchain gains more stability, small and medium-sized enterprises will explore new ways of business are emerging.