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Nearly every university student is on the lookout for that ideal part-time gig. Face it, classes and homework take up the bulk of your time. That means it can be tough to squeeze work into the mix. The big irony here is that unless you do find some kind of work, your social life will take a major hit and you’ll end up spending weekends alone and missing out on some of the best parts of the college experience. If you’re headed to college or grad school, or already there, consider becoming a cryptocurrency trader in your spare time. There are lots of advantages, including the ability to set your own hours, reach a high-income potential, and not spending too much time learning the trade. You’ll work alone, with no boss, and can earn enough to have an active social life and perhaps even save a few dollars while you’re at it. If this sounds like something that suits you, here are some key points to consider before diving in.

Learn the Trade and Limit Your Hours

You can learn all you need to know via online tutorials and free books. Some people say that you need a total of 40 hours of study to gain a firm grasp of the field as well as the trading methods you’ll be using. Learning the job is not the hard part. The challenge comes during those first weeks when you’re investing your own money. Don’t forget to make use of a trading simulator where you can invest fictitious funds before going live with your own cash. As well, remember to limit the number of hours your trade each week. It’s easy to experience some early profits and become hooked on the job. Some who are new to this kind of a part-time job limit themselves to between 10 and 20 hours of active trading per week.

Cover Your Tuition and School Expenses with Private Student Loans

Use private student loans to cover your full tuition and other educational fees. That way, you won’t be taking on a part-time job out of necessity but because you want to. When you take advantage of education loans to pay for tuition, room, board, fees, and books, your part-time income is yours to spend or save however you wish. The best part is that private loans come with competitive interest rates, reasonable repayment times, and flexible terms. When you structure your financial situation wisely, you’ll have the peace of mind that makes it easier to concentrate on your studies and enjoy your social time as well.

Choose the Right Coins and Exchange

While you’re still learning the basics it’s wise to stick with the better-known coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The smaller, newer issues are just too risky and/or complicated. Equally important is finding an exchange that is set up for beginners. One advantage is that you’ll be able to purchase your cryptocurrency with regular money. That one aspect will make your life as a new crypto trader much simpler. There are several ways to store your coins. In this early stage, it’s smartest and safest to use hardware wallets. That way, no one, not ever a hacker, will be able to compromise your connection and steal your money.

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Forex traders utilize a number of strategies as well as techniques to identify the ideal entry as well as exit points for buying and selling currencies. In fact, traders and market analysts are constantly improving their strategies to design new methods for understanding the movements of currency markets. In this article, discover the different types of forex trading strategies that work for traders.

  • Fundamental Analysis:

This is one of the most commonly used strategies wherein traders closely observe the economy’s fundamental indicators to analyse whether a specific currency is overvalued or undervalued. Remember, fundamental analysis constitutes elements such as a nations’ economic data which indicates investment and trade trends in the future. Traders can therefore, analyse a currency’s outflows and inflows that are published by the country’s central bank.

  • Scalping:

Scalping is essentially an intra-day strategy which is all about placing numerous trades and every trade results in small profits on an individual basis. When a trader uses the scalping strategy, then he/she expects to earn a profit of around 5-10 pips per trade. If you decide to choose the scalping strategy, then you will have to constantly analyse the foreign exchange market and also place a number of trades. Also, if you choose to scalp the currencies, then you will only have to scalp for limited hours in the day and open as well as close trade positions within a couple of seconds.


  • Technical Analysis:

This strategy is all about reviewing the past as well as the recent movement of a currency’s price trends on the charts to understand where they can move in the future. One of the reasons why traders resort to technical analysis is because they believe that the movements within markets are determined by demand, supply as well as the psychology of the mass market or majority of traders.

  • Trend Trading:

Trend Trading

Trend trading strategy is undoubtedly one of the most popular trading strategies. It involves identifying a downward or upward trend in the price movement of a currency. It also involves selecting trade exit and entry points on the basis of how the price of a currency is positioned with a given trend as well as the relative strength of the trend.

  • Range Trading:

Range trading is another popular trading strategy, which revolves around the fact that prices often fall in a predictable and steady range for a specific time period. This is mostly relevant in the markets with a predictable and stable economy. Thus, traders who opt for range trading indulge in frequent buying and selling at predictable lows and highs of resistance & support, mostly over 1 or more sessions of trading.

  • Momentum Trading:

This is another strategy that helps traders to earn attractive profits. Momentum indicators and trading style revolves around the fact that strong movement in price in a specific direction indicate that a particular price trend shall continue in the same direction.

  • Swing Trading:

This particular strategy is utilized over a week or a day’s time. Traders who rely on the Swing trading strategy look at setting up trades on high or low swings on a long term basis.

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Holiday seasons are just right around the corner and this means last-minute shopping. But before you rush into those stores like many others in search of the perfect gift for your loved one, take a minute to heed our advice. This guide will teach you how to source for the best jewellery for your significant other. You might think it is easy now and let us tell you, you will regret thinking that the moment you step into the stores just like every other time. So, without further ado, here are eight tips for you to take note of before you enter a state of panic at the jewellery shop singapore!

  • Gifts are for the other person, so look at her preferences

The goal of every gift-giver is to get the perfect gift. But, perfection is subjective, and when you are giving a gift, you should not be getting something you think is perfect, but what she thinks is perfect. The jewellery that you buy today will not be worn by you but by your special other. What does she usually wear, and what has she expressed a desire to have? When at the store, do not make the common mistake of looking for what you think you’d like to wear or giving in to the pressure of salespeople as they do not know what your partner actually likes. Buy a set of jewellery that you know she will like and feel comfortable with.

  • If you don’t know, stop and observe

So, what happens if your partner is not someone who is very vocal about their likes and dislikes? Well, here’s where body language comes into play. Even experts say body language makes up a large part of our communication. So, if you find yourself struggling to think of their likes and dislikes, it’s time to make some observations. Watch them shop. When they shop, their body language gives away everything, any slight upturn of their lips, and the twinkle in their eyes will immediately tell you what they are fond of. What you can do is surprise them there and then or, delay their gratification and surprise them with the gift later.

  • Gifts mean most when it resonates with their hearts

resonates with their hearts

Think of the times when you have received gifts from friends. Do travel souvenirs mean more to you or the birthday presents? Most of you would probably pick the latter, and that’s because there is sentimental value to the present. Compared to a souvenir which has no personal value to you, a birthday present will be much more appreciated. This is the same for jewellery intended for your significant other. Sure, the advertisement might make this mass-produced jewellery look particularly tempting, but it will hold little personal value. Instead, what you can do is find something customizable to engrave that personal quality.

  • Get references from their current stash, or what’s on them now

If you find that you lack the time to do the proper analysis like watching her shop, what you can do is to look at what they currently own. Or you could look at what they wear most frequently. This is the easiest way to find out what their favorite type of jewellery is. After that, take note of their body type, so that you can tell if the jewellery you are getting will complement them. Remember to visualize them in the jewellery to see if it is in accordance with her taste and style.

  • Peel your eyes, clean your ears

You have done a lot of observing already, but sometimes, the answer is simple and given. Some people may not be as elusive as others and could have always been telling you exactly what you need to get them what they want. Sometimes, it is good to just be straightforward and listen out for it.

  • If all else fails, seek allies

Of course, if they neither let you see nor hear what they like, well you definitely have to try harder to open them up. Aside from that, there is always that one person they share everything with: the best friend. You can always seek help from their best friends to know what they may like or dislike. There is no other person who will understand them better. Then, this will truly be a surprise because it will be completely unexpected. 

  • Sometimes, bigger is better


Have you ever seen those scenes with married women comparing the size of diamonds on their rings? Yes. Sometimes, your partner might subscribe to the notion of “bigger is better”. Here, then, you will not want to make the biggest mistake and get her something that is too small. You do not want to risk your significant other hating it. If you know she’s someone who likes it a lot bigger than the conventional size, you have already won half the battle.

  • Most times, bigger is not better

Of course, the above advice applies only if you know she likes it. However, most times, we know that bigger is not always better. So practice caution with that. Most of the time, fashion and jewellery are intertwined and how much the jewellery matches them matters the most. So, even if the diamond is the biggest and shiniest in the world if it does not match well with them, it is all for naught.


All in all, this is some useful advice that has helped many to choose the perfect gift for their loved ones. However, if you realize, there is a simple pattern behind each piece of advice. So, if you find that you cannot apply any of the advice above, just remember one thing. Gifts are meant to make the person in your mind happy, so what does that person in your mind like? Answer that question and you are more or less set. So, for those of you who have not been thinking of what to buy yet, we think it’s about time!

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Choosing a cryptocurrency wallet is the most important decision when you are investing in digital currency. This resource will contain your crypto coins and keep them safe from theft. A cryptocurrency wallet also enables you to receive, send or exchange digital currency so it is your primary management tool. There are many types of cryptocurrency wallets available today and each is perfect for a specific purpose. Some can hold only one type of crypto coin while others can contain many types. Here is how to choose a cryptocurrency wallet today!

Steps to pick the right type of cryptocurrency wallet for you

There are many types of cryptocurrency wallets and each type is suitable for a specific situation. You should pick the one that is most suitable for your personal cryptocurrency needs. Digital coin wallets can be organized into the following categories:


A hot cryptocurrency wallet is provided online so it is constantly connected to the Internet. Hot wallets enable convenient management because all you need to do is get online, log in, and manipulate your cryptocurrency. Hot wallets are also connected to other services such as email and social media for the delivery of notifications. Due to their characteristics, hot wallets make it very easy to perform crypto coin transfers.

Hot wallets are at a very high risk of being hacked remotely because they are situated online. Thankfully, they empower you to implement security measures such as two-factor authentication and multi-signature execution during asset transfer. Hot wallets are best used for holding small amounts of digital coins and they provide quick access to one’s assets. They are most applicable for beginner crypto enthusiasts or cryptocurrency traders.


A cold cryptocurrency wallet is offline and has no connection with the Internet. Such a wallet can exist in a computer that has no connection to the Web. It can also be a dedicated piece of hardware or specially printed paper. A cold cryptocurrency wallet is very secure and can be expensive. It is also challenging to manipulate and has no dependency on a third party. This type of cryptocurrency wallet is most applicable for experienced traders or long-term investors.


In the world of cryptocurrency, custody refers to the ownership of your private keys and digital coins. Private keys are special codes that are used to approve digital coin transactions. If you choose a wallet that enables you to hold your own private keys and digital coins, it qualifies as a self-custody wallet.

This type of wallet prevents unwanted people from gaining access to your crypto coins and places the full responsibility of security upon you. A good example of self-custody is keeping all your cryptocurrency in a personal USB drive. A self-custody wallet is most ideal for experienced cryptocurrency holders, traders or investors.

Third-party custody

A third-party custody wallet is managed by an intermediary or external party who you must consult whenever you want to deposit, spend or invest your cryptocurrency because they hold your private keys. This can take time and is sure to inconvenience a cryptocurrency trader.

With a third-party custody wallet, the intermediary can allow multiple people to access your digital currency for example if you opt to join an investment group. This increases the risk of asset manipulation or loss so avoid hot, third-party custody cryptocurrency wallets completely.

The importance of having a cryptocurrency wallet

It is the center of operations

The process of investing in cryptocurrency invoives numerous individual activities working together. Firstly, you need to acquire a crypto coin wallet and create a profile to prove ownership. Secondly, you can buy some coins from an exchange or an individual and then store them in your wallet.

Having done that, you can start trading your digital currency or invest your holdings in a venture such as coin staking. Alternatively, you may hold them until their value increases and then sell at a profit. Lastly, you could liquidate them back into fiat currency.

Through all these activities, your cryptocurrency wallet acts as a central location for storing or manipulating digital coins. For this reason, you need to acquire the best crypto coin wallet for your intended purpose so that these activities can proceed successfully.

It secures your cryptocurrency

Security is an important aspect in the cryptocurrency industry because there are always hackers who want to steal people’s digital coins. Your wallet is a vault holding these assets and must exhibit a high degree of security through end to end encryption, security certificates, two-factor authentication and alerts about account activity.

Avoid hot, third-party custody wallets for example those provided in exchanges because they expose your investment to a high level of risk. Such wallets are never secure as proven by the high profile Cryptopia and Binance hacks that were performed in 2019. That year, traders and investors holding hot, third-party custody wallets lost approximately $4 billion dollars to hackers and scammers. For the best security, use a cold, self-custody wallet.

Access to exotic investment opportunities

Cryptocurrencies offer exotic investment opportunities that were not available earlier such as coin staking, trading them, arbitrage, riding ICO waves and forking. These opportunities require you to have a functioning digital coin wallet. With this resource, you can manage your digital coins by directing them to the investment you desire. It should be secure, flexible, and capable of delivering progress notifications through email or text message. As a matter of fact, there are cryptocurrency wallets that support the integration of trading or investment plugins. By offering these features, a digital coin wallet plays a major role in cryptocurrency investment.


It is important to have a cryptocurrency wallet before interacting with digital currencies. It is essential to pick the right digital coin wallet so that you can enjoy convenience, security, and flexibility. We have shared some tips above on how to choose the correct crypto coin wallet and why it is important to pick wisely. With the right cryptocurrency wallet, you can confidently explore this new financial frontier!

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As an activity understandably labeled to be a bad vice towards the young, online gaming is definitely not a hobby that any parent would encourage their children to pick up, but rather to keep away from. However, it cannot be denied that online gaming has over the years become a form of activity that brings about various benefits; Online games like Beat The Fish have certainly evolved to become one of the most engaging forms of entertainment, connecting people of all ages and professions. Technological advancements and heavier use of the Internet has further spread the fun of gaming, enabling anyone easy access to conventional games. In particular, card games have also transitioned into their digital forms, allowing for more convenient play of these beloved traditional games. The following are five psychological benefits that online gaming can bring.

Stress Relief

After a long day of work, playing online card games can really help to take one’s mind off work-related matters, and ease you into a happier and more relaxed state. Concentration on game strategies does not tire out the brain in a stressful way but instead energizes the brain in focusing on the fulfillment of game goals. Research has shown that playing online card games can bring about significant psychological benefits. Regular players exhibit lower levels of cortisol of less than 17%, where cortisol is a primary stress-related hormone. 

Development of Skills 

Challenging online card games require players to work the brain and can contribute to improving one’s memory, concentration, as well as analytical skills that adds on to the overall mental health. Whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends, many card games involve the use of money and the application of strategies that require much attentiveness and concentration. In a game, you’re keeping your mind alert to any giveaway moves committed by your opponents which you can use to your favor against them; and at the same time, your brain is coming up with all the possible moves that your opponent may make which you want to prepare yourself for. 

This extreme cautiousness you hold in online card game plays can flow through to other aspects of your life like at your workplace and in a public space, making you even more aware and alert of what others do around you. Online card games can thus give rise to the development of cognitive and interpersonal skills, which keeps your brain exercising and functioning the best it can. 

Keeping the Mind Engaged

kep the mind engageMental stagnation can be bred from a mundane lifestyle and daily routine, and such lifestyles are certainly common for the average person. There can be various instances in one’s life where there seems to be nothing to do, and this is where online games can add value. They bring fun while keeping your brain occupied and actively engaged at the same time. 

Even though online games depend primarily on short-term memory, playing games can keep the mind occupied and productive psychologically and mentally, and thus aid in the improvement of long-term memory among other essential skills. In fact, playing online games against virtual competitors or human competitors in the virtual setting can cognitively engage the brain as much as when playing against someone else in real life. Although playing online games may mean a lack of real conversations and social interactions, they can often lead to a greater depth of concentration and focus being utilized. As such, the allied benefits that playing online games can bring to one’s psychological and mental health should not be ignored, but be brought to greater light.

Promoting Interaction and Teamwork

The playing of online games entails much communicating and the essence of teamwork. The interaction between you and other game users towards attaining a common goal of winning can help to promote better interaction habits in the workplace or in day-to-day life offline. This can be particularly useful for the more introverted individuals, as online gaming acts as a medium to help them brush up their communication skills and gain greater confidence to express themselves better in real-life scenarios. With time, such accumulation of experience can allow them to become more comfortable when it comes to interpersonal interactions. 

Form of Entertainment

forms of entertainmentMost evidently, online games can fulfill one’s common need for entertainment, and at great convenience. Online games can be played in the form of your mobile phone, desktop, laptop, and all the technological devices that you may own. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, online gaming can take place at any place, and at any time of the day. Playing online games can thus allow you to fill an empty void of time that would otherwise be wasted away. 

Given the wide variety of games available today, there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy playing. Also, online games provide a good competitive atmosphere and various other benefits that include the anticipation of daily prizes to be earned, and reward points tournaments; There’s always going to be something that players can look forward to! Online games are also easy to pick up, and most of the gaming platforms provide video tutorials as well as practice rounds to let beginners get better familiarized with the game, before competing against the crowd. 

Online gaming platforms are also well-designed to ensure a user-friendly gaming experience and provide many other features that overall contribute to making the gaming experience a pleasant one. The features include encryption-based security and responsive chat-based support. 


As mentioned above, online games have a wide variety of benefits to offer. Through playing online games, players can improve their leadership skills, problem-solving skills, as well as the responsiveness in dealing with unexpected situations. They can also aid in enhancing players’ observation skills, concentration abilities, and hone their intuitive sense and alertness, among many other psychological benefits. In all, playing online games can be a great relaxation and recreation activity that can fill up your leisure time; but as with everything else, this should be done in moderation!

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Until recently, the value of a company depended on its tangible assets, but in today’s knowledge-based economy we are seeing a paradigm shift. Human capital is increasingly considered a business’s most valuable asset, and top companies are upgrading their “capital” by upskilling employees.

Remain Competitive in the New Era of Work

Investing in upskilling employees helps organizations increase their value and enables them to prepare for and thrive in the new digital age. As technological advancements continue to accelerate, in-demand skillsets are continuing to transform, which requires employers to move beyond performance reviews to evaluate their current workforce’s skills. Many organizations now deploy innovative instruments to gain clarity around capability gaps and to determine where upskilling may be required to provide existing workers with the skills needed in the increasingly digitized workplace. Doing so enables companies to implement targeted upskilling initiatives rather than “one-size-fits-all” training programs.

Skills testing platforms like eSkill, provide businesses with the tools they need to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses. The online platform enables employers to gather baseline skills data to use as a starting point for upskilling initiatives. eSkill’s innovative tools for ongoing talents and skills assessments serve two purposes–help employees determine their training and development priorities and provide business leaders with a company-wide talent inventory.

 Information gleaned from eSkill’s assessments helps employers determine the individuals best suited for upskill programs. Evaluating employees’ existing skills, rather than reviewing their job role, expands the pool of people who could be considered for upskilling opportunities. For example, someone with strong math skills, and digital literacy skills may be considered to learn coding through an intensive upskilling initiative.

 Top companies are approaching human capital management by upskilling and retaining employees, rather than hiring new talent. Last year, JPMorgan Chase announced a $350 million plan to upskill their workforce. The firm is working to pinpoint what emerging skillsets workers will need to be competitive in the future while training people for new jobs that will be in demand.

Harnessing Automation’s Productivity Potential

Today, top companies recognize the advantages that advancements in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) provide, and also understand most organizations are not prepared to capitalize on them. Upskilling employees to more effectively leverage the advantages these technologies offer is critical to harnessing automation and AI’s full potential.

 For organizations to take full advantage of the digital transformation, they need to focus on both their adoption of automation, as well as upskilling their workforce. According to research conducted by Boston University and MIT, a gap between new technology adoption and acquiring the skills required to use those technologies results in inefficiencies that lead to diminished productivity gain. Further research reveals that automation initiatives are more successful when full-scale upskilling is underway.

 Industry giants like Amazon have realized that a large portion of their workforce lacks the skills to adapt as machines take over routine and traditionally physical tasks. Therefore, Amazon has pledged $700 million to upskilling workers for jobs that will be in-demand in 2025 to get ahead of technological disruption and retain as much of its workforce as possible.

Providing Certainty in Uncertain Times

Since upskilling focuses on expanding upon existing skills or adding new skills, it is less overwhelming to employees than traditional training programs. Upskilling initiatives can also assuage workers’ fears of rapid technological change and the current economic downturn. Supporting and executing a sustainable strategy to upskill your employees builds up the skills your business needs while providing reassurance to your workforce that they will not be left behind.

Increasing Internal Mobility

Internal talent mobility is a priority for top companies to transfer skills across the organization, increase productivity, and future proof their workforces. Upskilling opportunities provide employees with the specific training they need to improve or learn skills needed for emerging roles or new tasks.

 Many organizations have created a skills-based internal talent marketplace that enables them to share talent across departments by matching and deploying workers based on skill needs. In a time of rapid digitalization, upskilling initiatives allow organizations to focus on the development of in-demand skills, instead of training for fixed roles.

 AT&T, a leading upskill enterprise, has been leveraging an internal talent marketplace since 2008. The industry giant has an online portal that allows workers to assess and monitor their skills, view available positions, and the skills required for each, and review future prospects for various career paths. The online portal also provides AT&T’s workforce with a tool that aligns upskilling opportunities with skills needed to fill positions. Simply put, an effective upskill enterprise like AT&T must provide its workforce with the resources to learn skills the company will need them to have in the future.

 Creating a program that is relevant and tailored to the needs of individual employees is essential to effectively upskilling workforces. eSkill has a long-standing history of partnering with companies to automate and transform talent development in the face of significant workplace digitalization. Make the most out of your workforce development initiatives and get started on the upskilling journey with eSkill.

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The years before high school are important as building steps towards becoming a mature teenager and then grooming into adulthood. Parents often find this time period challenging, full of emotions and a great time to start homeschooling where distractions and peer pressure are removed from the equation. Whether your child has been in traditional school and is just now making the transition or you have been homeschooling for years, it is necessary to make some adjustments so they can start taking control and investing in their future.

One of the first things to realize is that pre-teens are changing physically, mentally and emotionally so open communication is the most important things to keep open and maintain in the relationship. When it comes to their education, parents should know about 7th grade homeschool curriculum offered by the program they select. It should contain the standard list of subjects such as math, English, history, science and electives along with a chance to start language credit. Discuss this with your pre-teen and get their input about the subject matter, their comfort level with the online portal and being homeschooled. Many students at this age enjoy learning at home because there is less stress and pressure than being in a traditional classroom but if social engagement is a concern then check out local clubs for sports and drama to keep them involved with others.

Study and learning habits may change during this time frame because of the other things they are experiencing. Parents should avoid creating a new schedule and dictating it to the student, instead they should allow the pre-teen to explore new options. Some students may want to sleep in and work later, take a break throughout the day or get up first thing and work until they are done but it may take several iterations until they find what works for them. Allow room for understanding and patience and encourage them to take the responsibility for their own instead of telling them what to do. This gives them the room to explore and make personal decisions that affect not just their education but all aspects of their life. They also have the chance to learn from their mistakes so they know what not to do the next time because it doesn’t work for them.

Some students are natural organizers which makes studying and working through the grades an easier process. If that doesn’t describe your student, then there are other ways to help them find their own version of organization. Take what you know about 7th grade homeschool curriculum and talk with your student about how to setup a schedule using the online lesson planner and see what they would like to add that isn’t in the form of a textbook or course. All kids enjoy activities whether it is sports, drama, art or music, so find what they enjoy and create a class period in their schedule they can look forward to as a chance to step away from formal studies yet still doing an activity that is educational.

Every kid needs to play hooky once in a while, so as the parent, keep an eye on their mood and progress to see when that day is best to take. It doesn’t work to force them to learn or study when they simply aren’t in the mindset because they will just have to redo the work, it is time wasted and it can be unhealthy for their physical and emotional condition. Let them know that hard work deserves a break and that stepping away periodically is healthy and necessary. In fact, you may want to leave the door open so they are comfortable in coming to you and asking to take the day off. This builds independent thinking and personal awareness so they know when they need to step away without having to be told. When you take this day, make it fun and ask them what they want to do and use it to build the relationship so that it can be stronger than before. You won’t find this in a lesson planner, but the most experienced homeschoolers recommend this approach for all kids, not just pre-teens.

As you give them more control over their school schedule, selecting elective classes and a stronger voice in their education, they will start to invest more and become owners instead of just participants. This is the goal every homeschooling parent should have because once a teen is invested, they are self-motivated to make the best decisions and excited about taking their education seriously. Start with small steps and discuss the process with your pre-teen to get their thoughts about it and then watch how they naturally blossom into an independent young adult who is more than ready to take on their future and decide what they want to do after graduation.

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Moving to a new home requires a lot of decision making in a short amount of time. Getting boxes and choosing the right moving date are a few of the minor decisions you will be making. The most important decision when it comes to relocating is choosing a moving company. 

There are thousands of moving companies worldwide, each with their own specialty. They differ from in-state to overseas, some may offer services that others do not. Just like with anything; it is important to ask certain questions before hiring a moving company. 

Keep reading and we will discuss 5 important questions you should be asking moving companies before hiring one. 

Are They Properly Licensed?

Whether a company is licensed or not should be on the top of your priority list. Licensed individuals mean less worry of scamming or rouge movers for you. All legitimate moving companies should have a license number registered through the United Department of Transportation. However, you should keep in mind that moving companies who only move within the given state; are only required to follow state laws not the U.S Department of Transportation. 

Local movers should hold a state license. Each state will have their own set of regulations; so even if you are just moving within the state, be sure to research those. If you selected a moving company from GetYourQuote you won’t have to worry about this, as all registered moving companies are licensed. 

Do They Have Experience With My Type Of Move?

You wouldn’t hire an in-state moving company for an overseas move, and visa versa. Be honest with moving companies you are interviewing when it comes to what you need. You may be surprised by the special equipment they have to make your move that much easier. Movers should be able to handle anything that comes their way. So be sure to let them know if the heavy lifting includes several flights of stairs. 

What Kind Of Liability Coverage Do They Provide?

There are two different kinds of liability coverage available with moving companies. Before you load your belongings onto any truck; you should know what coverage you will be using. This protects you from having a long legal process, in the end, should anything unfortunate happen to your things in transit. 

Full Value Protection

The movers are liable for the replacement value of any damaged, lost, or stolen items. The cost of this protection varies depending on the moving company you choose. 

Released Value Protection

This form of coverage is a bit more budget-friendly as it is offered at no extra charge. However, it is considered minimal coverage which means they are liable for no more than .60 cents per pound of any item. 

You are also able to purchase insurance for your items through a third party insurance carrier. You should check your homeowner’s insurance just in case you are already covered through that. You should also ask to see proof of insurance coverage through the moving company of your choice. Any legitimate company will be able to provide this easily.

Always Check The References Of Moving Companies

With technology today it is easy to see a company’s reviews and references online. Asking friends and neighbors if they have heard anything about your chosen company is a great place to start. Reviews should also include a moving company’s DOT number and you can always check the Better Business Bureau. 

Can They Provide A Fixed Quote Or A Not-to-exceed Estimate? 

Always know a moving company’s fees. You should receive a copy of all the charges that will be due upon completion of a job. Read through this carefully and ask as many questions as you need to. This will help you avoid any sudden surprises when you get the final bill. If you have had the company come to your home and see what they will be working with; you shouldn’t have any surprise fees where equipment is concerned. 

A binding estimate is an easy way to avoid any surprises. This means that there won’t be a different number from the original estimate that was given at the beginning. It should include any add-ons or potential charges along the way. 

How To Find Moving Companies In Your Area

Speak to friends and family about companies they may have used in the past. You can also pull up thousands of moving companies online with a simple Google search. However, if you are interested in having moving companies contact you, I would suggest you Find the best Moving Companies at

If you use the above method, you can rest assured that each moving company that contacts you is licensed. They will hold the correct license for your move and will be able to be matched with you based on your specific needs. 

What Information Do I Need To Provide?

  • Move Date
  • Move Description
  • Address from and to
  • First and last name
  • Number for contact

By providing the above information you will be matched with moving companies in your area to complete your move. Be sure to interview at least three companies to get the best estimate for your upcoming move. 

Give a moving description to be better matched with moving companies. This allows them to know if you need a company that can handle overseas moves or even a move between states.

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Blockchain is an attractive topic of conversation for many developers. It is a not-so-new technology that is gaining popularity among large companies, and there is a high demand for blockchain developers.

Blockchain development requires quite a different approach from web development, which makes it far more complex. Since this technology is still advancing, you need to be updated on new ways of using blockchain all the time.

Since there is a high demand for this profession, the pay is higher than the average developer. Blockchain developers can get paid up to $200K per year if you have strong knowledge.

So, if you want to become a blockchain developer, you are in the right place. Let’s go through the first steps of your blockchain career.

Learn the Basics

Just like every profession, you have to start at level 0 and move your way up. There are no shortcuts in the blockchain career, so starting with the basics is necessary.

Learning the basics of blockchain concepts, architecture, and ideas is the right approach. By learning about decentralization, public and private approach, decision making is the only way to understand the essential concepts of blockchain.

You should also pay attention to the blockchain principles and learn about ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you should go through a cryptographic algorithm that is commonly used for every popular blockchain solution.

As we mentioned, blockchain is constantly growing in the last few years, so here are some things that you need to understand before jumping in this profession:

  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) such as Quorum, Corda, Ethereum Enterprise, and Hyperledger
  • Enterprise blockchain platforms
  • Learn about popular dApps


Understand How Blockchain Process Works

If you went through step 1, now it is time to putting all the pieces together and understanding how the blockchain process works. Additionally, you need to get familiar with the blockchain real-world implementation.

The best way is to work through basic cryptocurrency, and you will definitely appreciate what blockchain has to offer. Cryptocurrency is not the only use of blockchain, but it is the first step in understanding the process.

You should go ahead and buy some cryptocurrencies and store them in your wallet or trade them for other cryptocurrencies.

It is Time for Coding

Now that you have strong fundamentals, you are ready to put your knowledge into code. All beginners should start learning Solidity that will help you create and develop dApps as well as smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain.

There are also other open-source code blockchain platforms, but you should progress your way up when you start to understand it more. You have to understand that open-source blockchain is not easy as you would need to overcome quite a few challenges such as performance, source management, security, and isolation.

Just to have a better idea of the blockchain coding, you need to create:

  • Create a block;
  • Make a blockchain out of it;
  • Understand the basics about genesis block and implement it;
  • Add the block to the blockchain;
  • Validation of the chain;
  • Make a test run;


Learn Smart Contracts

Another vital blockchain concept that you need to implement is smart contracts. Basically, it is a computer protocol which is very similar to legal contract in everyday life.

You can use smart contracts to automate or add various functionalities to your dApps. The main features behind smart contracts are terminable, deterministic, and isolation.

Dig Deeper Into Blockchain

After you learn all things mentioned above, you need to dig deeper into the blockchain. Since it is a technology that is constantly improving, every bit of knowledge will help you become a better blockchain developer.

Remember, choosing this profession means that you’ll never stop learning. Try to read blockchain-related content and until you feel comfortable with what you are doing.

Keep Practising

Just like all of the Kentucky Derby winners, that even after being victorious on the race keep practicing to get better, you have to do the same thing. In order to become a great blockchain developer, you need time, so try practicing whenever you can, and the best way to learn the material is through trial and error.

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There’s been a lot of news surrounding the surge of cryptocurrency recently. With mass bailouts coming from governments around the world, and many questioning the stability of the stock market (understandably), people have been looking into cryptocurrency at record rates. The attractiveness of a decentralized currency would seem to be the major pull, but other news such as the imminent split of Bitcoin is creating plenty of buzz among crypto enthusiasts.

While there’s so much hype and news around this right now, there’s been a bit of uncertainty about the future of Litecoin and where it fits into all of this. This is exactly what we’ve addressed in this short piece.

What actually is Litecoin?

Litecoin is described as an open-source cryptocurrency (list of cryptocurrencies), and it first came to fruition back in 2017. It was developed with the intention of being a quicker alternative to Bitcoin, and when you look through the white paper of this coin, the technical details are amazingly similar to Bitcoin. For that exact reason, many would think that Litecoin would perform and react in a very similar way to Bitcoin in the market, but as we can see, that isn’t the case.

At the time of writing, Litecoin is still ranked inside the top 5 cryptocurrencies on Coin Market Cap, and this figure is based on the amount that is in circulation. There are literally billions invested in Litecoin as it currently stands, so it shows that there is strong investment interest right now. What’s cool about Litecoin is that it can be mined almost 4 times quicker than Bitcoin, meaning that more enter the supply at a much quicker rate than Bitcoin.

Recent instability

Now, this is where the uncertainty has stemmed from in the first place. If you look at the 1-year graphs for the performance of Litecoin, things certainly aren’t looking too good. Litecoin was approximately $140 at its highest point over the last year, and today it is floating beneath $50. Obviously that’s quite a large dip in performance, although, on the flip side, there are still billions invested in Litecoin in 2020.

In contrast, when you look at the performance of Bitcoin, it did dip below $5000 when the coronavirus impact hit the world, yet it is now floating close to $10,000. Bitcoin has also shown far more stability in the last 8 weeks or so compared with Litecoin, which has many investors questioning whether Litecoin really is a good investment. 

Those cryptocurrency optimists will claim that Litecoin is an absolute bargain right now, as it is way below the highest point that it has been. If this was a stock and a company had solid financials, we’d tend to agree, but given that cryptocurrency is still somewhat speculative, Litecoin is risky indeed.

The future of Litecoin

Coming back to the main object of this article – is Litecoin here to stay? We would be inclined to say yes, as the white paper and proof of concept has already stood many testing times in recent years. We are also optimistic as many larger investment banks have started to voice approvals for cryptocurrency in general, so the future shouldn’t be looking all that bleak. Trends within the online gaming industry are often used as strong indicators not only for technical and mobile developments but also financial. We saw this with Bitcoin where online casinos were the first global industry to support Bitcoin and forced the general e-commerce industry to follow. The same development can be seen now for other cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is today considered a safe and instant payment method at several gaming sites (list of Litecoin casinos) and more industries will follow. With this said, Litecoin will probably experience some turbulent times over the coming months just as we have seen with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the price is lower than $50 at the time of writing, it would be unreasonable to assume that the price will just continue to decline. It’s still used to pay for products and services online, and it has the same benefits that other cryptocurrencies have like anonymity and additional protection. We have a feeling that following the Bitcoin halving that is about to occur, Litecoin could well make a resurgence, although only time will tell.

Closing remarks

The interesting thing about cryptocurrencies is that there is rarely anything substantial that is dictating the price. Unlike stocks and other commodities, the price is usually tied to some form of an underlying asset, but that isn’t strictly the case with cryptocurrencies. It is now common knowledge that rapid price swings are usually a result of ‘whales’ dumping their shares or plowing money into certain coins, but ultimately, the price represents investors’ confidence in the future benefit of the asset.

We believe that Litecoin still serves a major purpose in today’s world, and it is far less complex and more agile than Bitcoin in many respects. For these reasons among others, Litecoin should be here to stay, and the price should start to reflect that over the coming months. For users Litecoin is still mostly accepted by the online gaming industry and currency exchange businesses but more e-commerce shops are joining (list of Litecoin Businesses) and we expect the list to grow substantially during 2020. 

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