5 Crypto NFT Marketing Agencies For Your Crypto Project

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NFT (Non – fungible tokens) have created a new space in the crypto world and are currently in a blooming season. Now, the space has gained more traction since last 2020, and later then it is only getting upgraded. As NFT is counted among niches under crypto and blockchain, there are many agencies that can’t execute better marketing campaigns. 

Top 5 Crypto and NFT Marketing Agencies

Here is the list of the NFTs that hold broad experience in the crypto space. 

1. OverTheTopSEO (OTT) 

Combined with cutting-edge crypto & NFT marketing space technology, this digital marketing agency is becoming a leading digital marketing agency. The firm has been part of the industry for many years, and the reason why the organization has relationships with several biggest influencers and industries across the industry. It has refined the tactics of go – to – the market which is required to make it in today’s NFTs world. 

This agency aids NFT brands in management and discord setup, media buying, NFT influencer marketing, and so on. The agency has already gained achievement for delivering meaningful campaigns that get an outstanding ROI. 

OTT has a complete service suite for preparing NFT firms and a record of case studies that involve selling out numerous NFT projects within an hour. 

For many organizations who are looking for marketing assistance part-time or are not sure of exactly what they require, OTT Web3 Fractional CMO plans would be a great option. 

2. Blockchain PR 

Blockchain PR is another top marketing agency that concentrates on sponsored content, press releases, and social media posts especially. The agency basically promotes your brand through leading publications and that would be better for most early-stage NFT firms, and old customers involving Wings, NEM and Trade.io. 

Also, they are part of various conferences that make sense to submit their specialty. Eventually, their task is to promote the brand of their client’s organization and for that, they have utilized similar tactics for many years. 

3. X10 

Among the crypto agencies, X10 is one of the repetitive agencies. They have enormous offers for NFT projects that look to promote and advertise their products or services. The firm wishes to become the go-to source for organizations interested in crypto marketing, and also the best alternatives for NFTs. 

4. Lunar Strategy 

This agency is a Europe – based agency that has experience with marketing NFTs. They provide services like influencer marketing, Public Relations, and SEO. 

5. MelrosePR 

Melrose PR is one of the PR agencies that are experts in delivering NFTs services. The company is based in California and has worked with numerous firms of Web3. 

What is the Method to Promote Your NFT ( Best strategies)

nft strategy 

In the highly crowded rush promoting NFTs isn’t the easiest task. However, by including some extraordinary efforts, it could be totally possible. Mentioned are a few of the best tactics that help in promoting your NFTs. 

Mentioned are the types of promotional methods for your NFT are – 

  • Discord Communities 

Discord Marketing in terms of NFT can be practiced in two ways. The very first way is through engaging with leading communities on Discord and expanding their range. However, if you are thinking of making your own community then you should be attentive as it might take time and capital to drive any massive crowds. In case you won’t have any major community on other channels. 

However, if you wish to grasp the size of a present community, then owners of the community are sometimes are enables to paid advertising chances

  • Media Buying for NFTs 

Agencies like OTT can aid you in developing robust NFT media buying tactics. With the association with a reputed NFT marketing agency, you can assure that you are utilizing well-known media outlets that drive successful results. 

  • Influencer Marketing 

Collaborating with a popular influencer is the fastest and most instant way to reach new buyers into your NFTs.

Wrapping lines 

There are several agencies on the list that are on top of one another. And an agency like OTT is one that has a huge fan base as it worked with several biggest crypto organizations in the space. And also has many years of experience working with each kind of crypto project involving NFTs. 

Now, if you are also looking for the best NFT marketing services then you can reach out to OTT. This agency is a leading cryptocurrency agency that has a huge network of top influencers. And so, OTT has assisted brands in growing their business by making it popular.


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